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Do you know this feeling when there’s plenty of “stuff” to buy, but somehow all seem the same, and nothing comes close to what you’re looking for? Just another purposeless product in the world, and you ask yourself, how can we ever break this cycle?

VIVERE is built around the idea of creating a world of meaningful and sought-after consumer goods. It’s an exciting and inspiring mission that our diverse international team is dedicated to achieving. With the power of deep data insights, we’re changing how consumer goods are developed, produced, and marketed – once and for all.




… a sharp, analytical mind looking to dig up and translate previously undiscovered facts and figures about consumer behaviour into actionable insights

… a creative brand visionary looking for the opportunity to pour your inner, natural understanding of the modern consumer’s needs into beloved brands and products

… an enabler, wanting to give the typical CPG development process a good shake – from sourcing to producing, from supply chain to logistics


In keeping with the true hands-on spirit a young tech start-up can have, we think quickly and move fast. Our teams are small so that our impact can be big; our decision-making paths are short so that our execution-finding route can be swift.

What sets us apart is the desire and shared goal to build an exceptional integrated team of data-driven change-makers who challenge the status quo, think independently, and act collaboratively.

Join our team of purpose-led entrepreneurs, build impactful, ecologically sound consumer goods and help us to shape a more conscious world. 

Meet our Teams

Research & Development

Nothing like the R&D you’d expect. At VIVERE we consider R&D as a huge playground for smart, curious and courageous scientists. We love to push boundaries and go new ways. We challenge, experiment and innovate – in form, formula and function. Want to join the new kind of R&D?


1.000. One thousand is the number of data points we analyse and evaluate before we start developing a new brand or product. Why? Because gut-feeling is not enough, when you really want to understand and innovate. Because data is smarter than estimations, and yes, we confess, we like to be smarter than the rest. Join our tech rockstars and be part of building the world’s most intelligent data engine for innovative and sustainable CPG.

Safety & Compliance

Let’s hear it for our S&C team! Day in and day out these folks make sure that we’re not only 100% compliant with all established standards but also go beyond what’s expected. And let’s be honest: Working in a company that produces CPGs in over 50 different categories makes this task anything but boring.

Procurement & Supply Chain

What do we need, where can we find it and how do we get it here? You name it, our colleagues from the supply chain department will find it! Seriously, forget everything that you think you know about sourcing, acquiring and supplying – working for a company that launches several new brands per quarter, each one with a highly varied product portfolio, in up to 16 markets simultaneously, takes P&S to the next level.

Marketing & Sales

As a data-driven and customer-focussed company there’s really just one kind of marketing that makes sense for us: the modern one. Digital, customized, holistic and adaptive. Join our team of cutting-edge marketing experts, explore new ways of driving awareness and encouraging actions, become a marketplace pro and co-create the marketing of tomorrow.

Brand Management & Design

Are you a creator? Do you have a vision of a brand, a specific product? Do you want to develop, build and shape what others will love and crave? Look no further, ‘cause we got you! Become a part of our creative team, get full ownership of realizing your ideas, translate data into insights, and respond with the best possible solution. It’s never been easier to make a change.


Be as close to creating innovations as possible – on the Shopfloor. Every day our colleagues here make sure that ideas become reality. They take care of manufacturing, processing and assembling, maintaining and operating the machinery, managing stock levels and controlling quality. We’re on our way to establish the most lean and agile CPG production facility out there and we could use a few hands.

Meet your future colleagues

Peter Spieth, Head of Research

“What’s your favourite thing about VIVERE?”

Freedom and the people. As long as there’s data behind an idea, we get a chance to experiment. VIVERE is like a playground for young entrepreneurs. This is the first company I’ve been in with so many young and motivated people, willing to go the extra mile to create something great, and because of this, there’s never been a day where I don’t want to come into the office…

Larissa Nagel, Head of Influencer Partnerships

“How is Vivere disruptive?” 

We really see what’s important to consumers, we get into their mindsets and find out exactly what they really need. These deep data insights are a game changer for brands to really understand their target audience. The combination of speed, data & the competence we have in our company through our colleagues is the magic key.