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We are changing the way FMCGs are developed by successfully predicting trends and customers behaviour, and being quick to the market with an agile and flexible approach to product development. It’s the combination of deep data fascination and the stubborn will to develop the perfect product that defines our way of creating consumer goods. We turn reviews analysis, research results and tons of other insights into physical products.


As a consumer product company, nothing is more important than understanding what your customers want. Our market research goes deeper than what people say, we show you what they actually think. We study consumer’s search behaviour, browsing habits and reviews for insights into creating better consumer products. We identify emerging needs by monitoring social media and well as the features and functionality of top-selling products across all relevant marketplaces using our proprietary technology and artificial intelligence data. In the end, we use this powerful data and analytics to perfect our product development and brand strategies.


Building everything with passion and science! Our interdisciplinary team brings an entrepreneurial mindset and unique expertise to the development of all of our formulations. Thinking outside of the box is a fundamental USP for many of our products and we’re not afraid to be bold with new ideas. Our team of chemists, biochemists, biologists and engineers take a hands on approach to research combining data and curiosity and with the right infrastructure, we have become a playground for innovative product ideas. With deep data insights, a focus on what customers want and need, as well as emerging trends and new ingredients, our team of scientific experts are constantly inspired to create new and exciting products.


We are customer-centric product innovators combining deep knowledge of data and consumer sentiment, exceptional execution skills and speed to market.  As the only true one-stop-shop for consumer goods, we’ve implemented a 360 degree product development process with everything done in house including procurement, production and logistics. This enables us to set new standards in terms of dynamic and agile processes,  and ensures that all aspects, from the first concept to the point of sale  align with our vision and proven strategy.


With a team of brand builders, creators and storytellers, we stay on the mark with consumers demands and develop relevant and responsive campaigns that bring our brands to life. While our products are being refined, our in-house brand and creative team starts working to harness that product’s potential by crafting a highly engaging brand. Our team of strategists and creatives work together to ensure the idea comes to life as a premium quality experience.


Our performance driven marketing teams define our multi-channel strategies, engaging with a curated selection of global influencers, brand ambassadors and opinion leaders. Our in-house creatives generate consumer-centric on-brand content, fine tune our reach and deliver high value targeted digital marketing campaigns, and optimised websites. Thanks to our detailed data insights we are able to optimise our marketing efforts and build the best set up for every product and brand.


Our team of e-commerce specialists and global marketplace management experts are constantly redefining best practice methods when creating and optimising our brand’s stores. With our all data-centric sales approach, we manage to steadily increase our conversion rates.

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